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Of course a research paper can be on a variety of topics from a variety of subjects and it's always important to distinguish between different topics. For example if you are writing a humanities research paper you use the inverted pyramid approach with your introduction where you begin writing with generalized notions and work down to the apex which is the more specific point. If you are writing a scientific research paper then your introduction will begin by discussing the importance of your paper, your methodology and how this methodology will meet the objectives of your paper.

Writing a Scientific Research Paper

Writing a scientific research paper is an exhausting and demanding task and the most difficult part is to choose the correct topic. There are a variety of scientific research topics and choosing one from them is surely a Herculean task. Getting to write a scientific research project is definitely not a simple assignment. Researchers will be required to put in more effort and do extensive research work on their subject papers. It is not enough for one to know how to write a perfect or to prepare a A level thesis paper. Scientific need a lot of exploration and research work on the chosen topic and a genuine interest for the theme.

How to Write a Scientific Research Paper

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Our data suggest that student satisfaction with the Bio 352 research project continues to be high, despite the instructor's increasingly rigorous expectations (–). During 2004–2006, students self-reported high levels of interest in this project as compared to papers written in other biology and nonbiology courses (). Although students reported some concerns with the project's difficulty () and library stress over time (), many felt that this writing project was not out of line when compared to papers written in their other courses. Ultimately, this may be a student's first experience having to write a scientific research paper of this magnitude, and we are encouraged that over the course of our study, students continued to report high levels of satisfaction with the project's clarity of expectations, their learning experience, and library support for Bio 352 ().