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Writing a conclusion for a research paper is like submitting a report on all your achievements based on the time and efforts you have taken for the project. So, you must ensure that your efforts reap the desired benefit that you intended to achieve through your research work. Therefore, there must be sufficient care that must be taken while you draft your conclusion of your research paper that reflects all your work done on the project and would present your results that you have met with through your work on the research project. A significant thing that comes across clearly through the conclusion of your research paper is the clarity you have gained on the subject along the progress of your research and the ease with which you can now deal with the concerned issue by way of contributing to the research work in terms of giving your won recommendations in the form of ideas for improving upon the problem/ issue or the way it needs to be handles in the near future.

Writing a Conclusion for a Research Paper

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How to Write a Conclusion for a Research Paper

is often the first part that is read by many readers and as such should be the best written part of any research paper. The conclusion of a research paper needs to be very clear and concise; it should never introduce additional information but fully answer the research problem that the paper was about. You must show the significance of the paper as a whole, not individual arguments or points. Show what gaps in knowledge still remain by making suggestions for further research. Writing a conclusion for a research paper is far from easy, how can you summarize 20 pages or more down to a single concise paragraph which can sell the entire paper and its findings. This is one part of the paper that many people find extreme problems with as they want to further discuss and highlight points and problems.