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Limited Submission Review Process:

Step 1: Limited submission announcements published by the sponsoring agency will be distributed by ORC in a weekly email, as well as uploaded on the limited submission website.

Step 2: PIs interested in submitting a white paper will provide a list of suggested reviewers and possible internal and external collaborators, approximately two days before the ORC internal deadline. This will enable ORC to form an unbiased team of reviewers with experience in the white paper research areas. This will also enable ORC to determine if teams could collaborate to submit a stronger, joint proposal.

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White papers are authoritative reports or guides that help identify or solve a problem. White papers are used to educate readers and help people make decisions. The District uses white paper research to synthesize relevant research regarding barriers and benefits associated with target behaviors that influence water conservation and water quality. These white papers include programs that have been implemented promoting these behaviors along with strategy suggestions.