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Bio: Sarah lives in eastern Connecticut with her husband, Dave, and their two sons, Nate and Joshua. She recently completed her Master’s in Elementary Education at Eastern Connecticut State University and now works part-time as a museum educator at a local children’s museum. While pregnant with her firstborn, Sarah was puzzled when more seasoned mothers she knew broke into raucous laughter when she complained that she might be bored while her newborn napped all day. Perhaps she’d brush up on her French, remodel a few rooms, or maybe learn to quilt? Now a mom of two active boys, she is wiser, and has learned the fine art of typing a research paper at 1:30 am while nursing a baby, and, perhaps more importantly, the ability to laugh at her pre-baby image of life as a mother.

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The cloud is typing a research paper on your desktop PC, then immediately picking up your smartphone to take it up right where you left off ... then lounging on the couch with your tablet, and picking up from your new stopping point.

The class will use Microsoft word to work on typing a research paper

Nikka took her laptop to school and drained the battery while typing a research paper

Compact, versatile and contemporary, laptops are the best tools for doing serious work or play at home, and on the road. Whether it is the office-goer, the homemaker, or student, laptops have become an integral part of our lives. Yes, standalone tablets and smart phones have found their way into the market, but nothing can replace the popularity of a laptop for nothing works better when it comes to typing a research paper, or watching videos or gaming.