Citing edited work in Turabian style research paper

When citing a book that has been written by one author in Turabian citation style research paper, you will have to follow a certain sequence where, the name of the author comes first and this one you will have to place the last name first then followed by the first name. After the two names, you can place the title of the book. Here the title of the book must be written in italics or if it is written in any other form, it must be underlined. Separate the names and the book title with a comma then after the title of the book you will have to write the publication place separate it with a comma then write the name of the publisher and the date then put a full stop.

Citing a newspaper article in the Turabian style research paper

One thing that you should note when citing websites in your Turabian style research paper is that other than including the URL of the page you accessed, you must include the time you accessed the online page. When citing websites you must follow; the site of publication then place a comma right after it, then the page title and put a comma after it then the name of the author, a comma the URL and finally the date of access. Citing online sources makes it easy for the researcher because he can search more other options on how to sequence the information. This is the easiest way to cite as compared to APA and MLA citation.

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Sample Turabian Style Research Paper

The Turabian style of citation is also commonly referred to as the Chicago style of citation and is a highly adaptable format that fits several disciplines. It’s a great way to present source information in a simple and easy-to-find manner that it is often the go-to style for long research papers. Here are essential instructions for crafting a Turabian style research paper: