Books with one author in Turabian style research paper

Citing edited work in Turabian style research paper

Fortunately there many online documents containing tips for anyone seeking a Turabian research paper format guide. Using your web browser you will find some well-presented samples of how you should document your research paper.

Citing a newspaper article in the Turabian style research paper

You can also have some works that has been edited in the Turabian format research paper. In such a case, you will have the name of the author coming first then after the named you will put the abbreviations ‘ed’ then write the topic of the book followed by the press and then the name of the publisher and lastly the year of publication. The title of the book comes in italics and if it is not written in italics it must be underlined. Using this kind of citation in your research papers sound so easy and any student can succeed in this. For the books that have been published online the same format should be followed by the URL must be included in this case. The URL will come immediately after the year of publication.

how to write a turabian research paper

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