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Speaking on Small’s 10th anniversary, Dr Oliveira said: “In the past decade, Small has grown in stature as one of the best journals in nanotechnology. We are glad to have played an important role in advancing nano- and microtechnology by publishing the top research papers to the highest standards. This we owe to our authors and referees, some of the best of which are from Korea. In promoting multidisciplinary research, Small has not only provided a deeper understanding of science at the nanoscale but has also added impetus to the application of nanoscience across various disciplines. We believe that the best years are ahead for both Small and Advanced Healthcare Materials, and I am looking forward to working even more closely with our valued authors and referees in making our journals a valuable and trusted source of information for our users.”

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In this course we will focus on the current state of software engineeringresearch. (Associationof Computer Machinery Special Interest Group on Software Engineering) isthe premier professional organization on software engineering research. ACMSIGSOFT recognizes the top research papers on software engineering with and awards. In this course we will discuss a selection of top researchpapers from the last decade to get an overview of the softwareengineering research.