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Szabla, D. B. (2007). Complexity theory: Implications for leading organizational change – Theoretical research paper explores organizational change as a nonlinear versus a linear process and uses the complexity sciences (complex adaptive systems, chaos theory, dissipative structures, self-organization, and catastrophe theory) to propose a new model for thinking about and leading organizational change.

Theoretical framework research paper : Gel Isolante

If you compare the three graphs you see that after the theoretical research paper of Stremlau, a tidal power plant with a diameter of 8m and a length of 20m would create only 25 kW at a current velocity of 2m/sec

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Conceptual theoretical framework research papers : Gel Isolante

to help today’s youth become more critically aware of their own emotional lives through both musical and lyrical expression. Since starting my Masters program in 2011, I have made real progress towards that goal. In December of 2012, my theoretical research paper titled Hip Hop and Spoken Word Therapy was published in the Journal of Poetry Therapy. As a follow up to this theoretical piece, I began running hip-hop workshops teaching the art of lyricism. Through this art form I hope to create a space for young people to learn to speak descriptively about their feelings. Recently, I presented a student poster at The 30th Annual Winter Roundtable Conference at Teachers College. With no lack of passion or diligence, I have dedicated my life to pursuing music as a means of conscious reflection.