How do you cite references within the body of a research paper.

Once you’ve developed a thesis statement, it’s time to move on to the real research. The body of a research paper is an attempt to support your thesis—your answer to the question you were curious about. To do so, you’ll need to research the question, first in a more general sense, and progress to researching more specific material. Take notes as you go, sorting information by category and recording the sources you got the information from.

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In addition to text, the body of a research paper might include images, graphs, maps, and tables. Even if dozens of graphs or images informed the thesis, it is important to only include select items so that the paper does not become riddled with interruptions in the text. These items should be included and cited as per the rules set forth in the style guide that is being used. The same is true for all of the sources that are cited within the text of a research paper.

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A research paper consists generally of three distinct parts. The introduction part, the body and conclusion followed by the references. The body is the part that includes the main analysis on the topic. It deals with the different aspects and features of the topic and then reaches at a definite conclusion. Therefore writing the body of a research paper is one of the most important parts to take care of.