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First of all, you should narrow down your topic into some specific topic to work on. A research paper should be use useful and meaningful. This objective can not be achieved by writing on Tax only. To achieve this purpose, you should be particular with your choice and treatment of the topic. You can write on general sales tax, flat tax, property tax, history of tax in America, tax legislation in UK, income tax, revision of entire tax system, tax subsidies-good or bad etc. in this way, you should be able to write good, comprehensive and meaningful Tax Research Papers .

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Find out the relationship of government development and increased tax collections. You may write a tax research paper that will talk about how huge tax collections equate to the development of infrastructure and public service.

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Tax Research Paper: “The Impact of the Bankruptcy Tax Act of 1980 on the Survival of Corporate Tax Attributes”

Technology has advanced so much that now there are soft ware’s available in the market that can help the individuals to pay their taxes digitally. This topic for tax research paper can be very informative for taxpaying masses. You can write on, “The review of online taxpaying software 2010” or on the