How to Take Notes for a Research Paper

Some students are tempted to get one source and using it, but this does not actually prove your thesis statement. In fact, it is more a review when using only one source. It is always better to get several articles, books, or other sources to support your research paper. Always use more than one source when writing a custom research paper. Use a variety of types of sources. Check the library for books, journal articles, magazine articles, and etc. What does the Internet say about the topic? The last step to taking notes for a research paper is to create a bibliography of all sources used.

taking notes for a research paper can be a daunting task ..

This summer’s NoodleBib update (scheduled for Saturday, July 30th) includes a new feature that many of you have been anticipating — notecards! If you are someone who tried Google Notebook when it was released recently and thought “wow, something like this would be useful for taking notes for a research paper” then this is just the thing for you!

Taking Notes For A Research Paper

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The Outline Format is one way of organizing notes by compartmentalization. Notes are taken during lecture and placed on one side of the paper while key words and concepts are recorded in a different compartment. A summary is placed at the bottom of the page. This organizational format provides less space for taking notes and more space for analyzing and summarizing your notes. This helps prevent excessive note taking and, instead, focuses on only vital information that is most likely to appear on examinations or quizzes. It is also a good tool to use when taking notes for a research paper. Like all other note taking strategies, the Cornell outline becomes more effective with practice.