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In 2001 I began publishing student research papers on the internet for several reasons:

Once the students are added to the site, you can decide if you want the site to be public (open to the world) or various degrees of private, which can vary from closed to everyone outside of William & Mary, to closed to all but subscribers, to closed to all but students in the class. You can even set individual passwords on individual pages to further suit your needs. However, one of the main benefits of creating a WordPress website to publicly display student research is that the site is PUBLIC, meaning a research paper is no longer a secret relationship between the faculty member and the student, but a public exhibition of the type of work the student produces. Faculty members I’ve spoken to who have been using this model of submission for student research papers have seen a marked improvement in the overall caliber of writing the students produce. Knowing that your research paper is just a Google search away from the eyes of the rest of the world has a way of concentrating the mind.

The following student research papers are presented as PDF documents

The Financial Services Section is sponsoring a student research paper contest on Management Science in Financial Services.

If faculty members are thinking of embarking on this sort of assignment opportunity for their students, I always suggest testing out the software first. Create your own site and model a student research paper so that your students can see what is expected, but also so that you can see how much work is involved in the technology side of things. It’s always good to have a good idea of what you’re asking your students to do so that you know what is appropriate from a workload perspective.