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7. Gilhotra AK, McGhee CN. Ophthalmology and vision science research: avoiding rejection-structuring a research paper from introduction to references. J Cataract Refract Surg 2006; 32(1):151-7.

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As mentioned, planning and structuring a research paper starts before the student writer can begin the research process. The planning process typically involves gathering writing and research resources and preparing other materials for the research and writing process.

How to Structure a Research Paper

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In the fall semester, we will offer four additional tutorials, taught by experienced fellow students in the teaching degree program. Each tutorial will have a maximum of ten participants. This is a unique chance for all students who have problems with writing academically, structuring a research paper, and conducting research in the first place. No credit for any of our study programs will be awarded but the tutorials will help you improve your results in courses taken for credit. Please note that these tutorials can be successful only if you fully commit to regular attendance and active participation. Since we can only accommodate a maximum of 40 students, the selection process will be highly competitive. Criteria for selection are: you study within one of the four following programs (Lehramt Englisch, BA AS, MA NAS, MA LWT); you convincingly prove your motivation and need.