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In this lecture I want to introduce one subject of interest of my dissertation work, called Hypertext as a Metaphor for the Scientific Mind. It is the Memex: a medium of scientific work with information, existing only in theory. I am going to present it as the model of scientific mind, secondly as the major inspiration for the creators of the hypertext, based on digital technology and as the base of hypertext theory, defined here as the medium of a scientific communication. On a practical example I want to introduce a method of metaphorical themes analyzing (according to John Lawlers text Metaphors We Compute by, 1987). These themes are abstracted from basic texts of hypertext theory. The aim is to show that for theory of hypertext is vital Bushs discovered link between associative memory and medium of the scientific research. Using these methods I want to answer the question, how hypertext affects the nature of academic communication and how forms the structure of research paper. And how the scientific mind influences the form and functions of hypertext (by discovering interaction between the two meanings of the metaphorical elements of the theme, through the lens of an interactive view of metaphor by Max Black). Scientific communication is understood as an area where we can expect creative development of hypertext, presented as text with a new dimension. I will interpret the hypertext theory then as based on the development of metaphorical themes with which will be abstracted of the basic text of hypertext theory.

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Structure of Research Paper

12. The discourse structure of research paper introductions in Ghanaian Journals. Conference on Applied Linguistics, University of Education, Winneba, 2006.