The researcher should then write a report of the data analysis. This report forms the main body of the entire research paper. Since it is a statistical research paper, the use of data representation tools such as pie charts, tables, bar charts and scatter diagrams is expected. A researcher should therefore ensure that he or she uses the most appropriate tool to convey the desired information. For example bar charts are convenient for comparison of financial year’s data. A person should ensure that they use a language that is easy for the reader to understand. Most researchers use big statistical terminologies that the research becomes complicated to read.

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Hypothesis refers to a supposed statement for an discernible phenomenon which is derived from a Greek word,” To put under” or “To suppose”. Hypothesis is a part of research paper that holds utmost importance because it provides a statement that will be the basis for the construction of research paper writing. Same is the case with as it isn’t a theoretical subject where you can play with words as you like, rather you have to be precise an concise while dealing with the words to express your statistical research paper.

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Therefore, we are providing you with a proven procedure for writing statistical research paper that will be based on social and political analysis.