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The standard research paper format includes the following components: thesis statement, hypothesis, procedure, research method, observations, conclusion, and sources cited. By including these components and completing each section you can guarantee that you have included all of the important components to do well on your research paper project.

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As research paper assignments are so common in academia, all students are expected to have a good grasp of the procedure. But considering that each research paper has a unique objective and different research requirements, it is not possible for anyone to learn all the clauses and conditions by heart. But having a good knowledge of the standard research paper format would be helpful while figuring out the specifications of the other assignments.

Use standard research paper format

The paper should follow the standard research paper format: 1

• The conclusion: A mandatory element of the standard research paper format, the conclusion concludes the discussion on the topic after summarizing the main points and re-instating the thesis. The thesis stated in the conclusion must perfectly match with that in the introduction. If the research revealed facts contradictory to that which was stated in the introduction, then the thesis statement of the introduction must be reframed to match the one in the conclusion.