Psychology 496Senior Research Paper

This course will focus on British Literature from the modern era. Because students will have studied classical British Literature in the previous semester, students will be able to compare contemporary British authors, themes, characters, and conventions to those of the past. Possible authors would include Kazuo Ishiguro (The Remains of the Day or Never Let Me Go), Ian McEwan (Atonement), Jenni Fagan (The Panopticon), and others. Students will write a Senior Research Paper on a contemporary British novel of their choice (subject to teacher approval).

Senior research paper is a paper that should be written by senior students at high school. As usual students choose the topic of the paper by themselves. It gives an opportunity to involve their professional interests and to prepare a background for further research. The process of senior research paper writing is supervised by adviser. He directs the student and helps in questions concerning the paper writing. You can find here information about senior research paper topics and the paper writing, a sample of senior research paper.

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Senior Research Paper

Crafting a is a highly analytical and time consuming task. These types of papers require extensive research, brainstorming and analysis. Literary research papers, medical and law research papers and IT related papers make common senior research paper subject areas. A paper of this sort is allocated to students to gauge their knowledge and understanding of the pertaining subject.