“What sections of a research paper do you routinely read. Honestly.”

Unfortunately, it is not an easy matter to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to understand and critically evaluate the methods and results sections of a research paper because this requires the reader to be an expert in many fields: Statistics, research methods, and the specific subject of that paper. So, what should researchers do?

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Eliza Frechette re-designed the course with an emphasis on team-based instruction. While she delivers lectures to classes that can number up to 130 students on topics ranging from the sections of a research paper to how to write an effective cover letter, she supervises a trusted team of undergraduate teaching assistants to help her lead the discussion groups that comprise a considerable part of the course.

How to write the methods section of a research paper.

How to write the methods section of a research paper

One of the most enjoyable sections of a research paper, for many writers, is the discussion section. While research projects are generally quite strict in terms of structure and included material, the discussion section allows the writer some leeway in sharing their thoughts regarding the meaning of the results themselves.