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At a glance, completing a research paper on RFID (Radio-frequency identification) seems to be really challenging. We suppose many students will think of some technical aspects associated with RFID, which definitely can be hard to understand.

Still, who told you that your RFID research paper should be devoted to technical issues? If a topic is not specified, your work can be about many other interesting things.

This is our plan for completing your research paper on RFID that will make your work easier.

Research papers on RFID: point 1

Start with the history of this technology. Did you know that everything started in 1946, in the Soviet Union? Leon Theremin, a Soviet inventor, designed an espionage tool that became the predecessor of RFID.

Research papers on RFID: point 2

Tell about two major types of RFID: active and passive. What is their difference? What are they used for?

Research papers on RFID: point 3

Now, pass to the main part of your research paper on RFID – the use of RFID technology. RFID is used in various spheres of life: transportation payments, logistics, animal identification, passports, product tracking, and many others. Choose one or several spheres and tell about them in your RFID research paper.

Research papers on RFID: point 4

RFID technology is being developed further and you can tell about the future use of RFID such as identification of hospital staff and patients, replacing barcodes, etc.

Research papers on RFID: point 5

Like anything in this world, RFID technology is not only about benefits. Some of the problems and controversies about it can be discussed in your RFID research paper as well.

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“So, I have to write a RFID research paper. Well, let me see what it is all about”. And, when you find out what RFID stands for, you suddenly get very nervous. RFID means Radio Frequency Identification, and it seems like these three words means almost nothing for you.

Calm down and do not panic! You have a chance to prepare a good RFID research paper. You wonder how? Well, let us explain you in simple language what RFID means and then suggest rather a simple plan for writing research papers on RFID.

What is RFID?

To put it into simple words, RFID is a kind of small electronic device. This device serves as an identifier of an object. RFID has almost the same functions as bar codes, for example, or magnetic stripes on credit cards.

A plan for writing research papers on RFID

Probably, right now you do not believe that completing research papers on RFID can be easy. However, check our plan first, and you will see that everything is not that complicated.

Research papers on RFID: point 1

Start with a definition. First, find very simple definitions like that above so that you could get everything. Then, find a more scientific definition to provide in your RFID research paper.

Research papers on RFID: point 2

Then, explain in your paper how RFID works, where it is currently used, how effective the whole system is, point out all advantages of using RFID devices.

Research papers on RFID: point 3

If you talk about the benefits of something, it is quite logical to mention some flaws, and it will be the next point in your . Tell about some problems associated with the use of RFID, focus on such controversies as human implantation and privacy.

This is it! We suppose your teacher will be satisfied with your work. Our writers can also suggest a good plan for writing .

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