Summary:A strategy for researching a term paper:

Produced by Professor James Carey (Entomology) and Sarah Perrault (University Writing Program), this playlist serves as a video roadmap for students who wish to write a research term paper. The general approach of the videos is based on writing strategies used by many faculty and research scholars.

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Every college student must know how to write well-organized and well-researched term papers because depending on the career they enter, they'll have to prepare numerous research papers and reports for employers. When you write a term paper you cannot take shortcuts or write the paper with as little effort as possible. Your professor will know if you haven't done your best work and this does not make you look good as a student. Resist the temptation to get easy research from only educational but credible websites because a lot of professors will not see this as real research. Your best bet is to get books from bookstores and libraries to supplement the Internet research you have.

Steps for Completing a Research or Term Paper

Writing a research term paper is an absolutely essential part of every college class

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