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The IAASB commenced work on this project in June 2015 with the goal to complete a Research Synthesis Paper by September 2015 and a combined Discussion Paper with a planned release date in December 2015.**

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TODAY also reported that, in 2011, over a hundred thousand children were in foster care and awaiting adoption and that . The , in its Research Synthesis paper , has shown adoption to be “life-alteringly beneficial for children.” Though adoption in the first year of life tends to produce the best results for children, “all children will benefit, regardless of their age at placement. Adopted children outperform their non-adopted peers and non-adopted siblings.”

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2. Research synthesis paper

The core thinking from a CRCWSC partner workshop held in October 2013 has been illustrated and described in a recently published CRCWSC research synthesis paper, Ideas for Tonsley, whose lead author is Jon Shinkfield (research fellow with Sub-project D5.1). The paper captures important design principles, and also suggestions for the implementation stage: