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While getting even one research paper published in an academic journal is a struggle considering the intense competition, this 19-year-old has 23 research papers to his credit, and all published in highly cited and peer-reviewed national and international journals.

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Here is a little information about why you may want to, and how to get your research papers published in a scientific journal. This information is based on my (somewhat) limited experience in getting published. The requirements and procedures will vary around the world, so use this info but do your own homework too. Hopefully sharing my experience and knowledge may be helpful to some. Good luck.

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And Aadarsh Mishra's incredible feat has now earned him a place in the India Book of Records for being the undergraduate with the most number of research papers published. Mishra is currently pursuing a research fellowship from the University of Oxford, and is working on a research project titled, Thermoelectricity in Molecular Junctions.

All original research papers published by Scirj are made freely accessible online with full text immediately upon publication. Authors publishing with Scirj retain the copyright to their work but only transferring the publication rights to Scirj which allows article to be published and cited without any restriction. All published research papers are indexed and archived in different open and paid platforms. Scirj charges research paper publication fees to span the cost of online publishing.We examined the 50 journals with the highest impact factor according to the Journal Citation Reports (Science edition 2007) issued in the Thompson-Institute for Scientific Information Web of Knowledge. Journals that exclusively publish review articles were not included. For each journal, we also reviewed the first 10 original research papers published in 2009.