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The formation issue of Ukrainian mathematical terminology takes a significant place in the mathematics education history in Ukraine. In these issues studying should not lose sight of the adverse conditions in which Ukrainian culture and science in pre-revolutionary period was developing. When in all schools teaching was Russian, and books and research papers on mathematics have never published Ukrainian language.

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In addition to over 350 research papers on mathematics, he has written several books, including the research monographs "Extremal Graph Theory", "Random Graphs" and "Percolation" (with Oliver Riordan), the introductory books "Modern Graph Theory", "Combinatorics" and "Linear Analysis", and the collection of problems "The Art of Mathematics - Coffee Time in Memphis", with drawings by Gabriella Bollobás. He has also edited a number of books, including "Littlewood's Miscellany".

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had delivered a series of lectures and presented scores of research papers on Mathematics and

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