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Let us guess what you are going to present in your research paper on marijuana. It is going to be an argumentative paper where you will take a certain position. Particularly, you will argue for or against legalization of marijuana.

Well, you are not original and choose a standard way of writing your marijuana research paper. While it is not the worst idea for your project, it can be much more captivating and exciting. Let us help you a bit and explain how to do it.

Have you heard about such books as “Marihuana Reconsidered” and “Marihuana, The Forbidden Medicine”? These are the works of professors from Harvard and Yale Universities about the medical use of marijuana, and this is what we suggest to discuss in your marijuana research paper.

Particularly, in your research paper on marijuana, you will have to tell about certain diseases, their symptoms, traditional medications that are used for treatment, and effects of marijuana on people who have these diseases.

Here are several useful details for your research paper on marijuana.

Premenstrual syndrome in research papers on marijuana

This is what you can talk about in the introductory part of your research paper on marijuana. The thing is that cannabis is very effective when it comes to relieving various unpleasant symptoms of PMS like moodiness, irritability, physical pain, etc.

Bipolar or manic-depressive disorder in research papers on marijuana

In a few words, this disorder can be characterized by major changes in a person’s behavior, from deep depressions to hyperactivity. Drugs that are prescribed for treatment (lithium, Tegretol, Depakote) are not always effective, and many patients with this disorder smoke marijuana.

Pseudotumor cerebri in research papers on marijuana

One of the main characteristics of this disorder is a severe headache. Drugs that are prescribed by doctors are completely ineffective for some patients, which is why they smoke cannabis.

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A research paper on marijuana can never be an easy task. It has always been an issue of much debate. You can find millions of discussions and tons of writings on this subject. That is why, it is not a good idea to pick Marijuana a topic for your research paper and it would be the last topic to attract any of the teachers as is the case with diabetes research paper. However, if you are assigned to write a marijuana research paper , you can do it by following simple instructions given in this article.