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You have to write a research paper on love. Have you ever been in love? How can you define this feeling? Do you believe in love? Is it possible to explain what love actually means?

It is hard to answer these questions. There is no precise answer or definition. Every person has own explanations. Now, you have a wonderful chance to present your ideas in papers on love.

If you need to prepare a research paper on love for your Literature classes, you are welcome to use the following idea:

A research paper on Love in the Time of Cholera. In this novel of Gabriel Garcia Marquez, love is described in many forms. What are they? Discuss them in your research paper on love.

If you need to present research papers on love for your Psychology classes, make use of the following hint:

A research paper on Sternberg’s Theory of Love. Robert Sternberg offers a theory of “love triangle”. What are those three components of love? Answer this question in your research paper on love.

Here are several general tips you should consider when writing a research paper on love:

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