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The technical sessions followed later in the day with faculty members from different colleges and institutions presenting their research papers on data mining, software engineering, image processing and other wireless sensing processes. There was a special session for faculty by Ishwar K Puri on future engineering, where he spoke about global problems being solved with the help of computing engineering.

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Writing a research paper on data mining will require good understanding of students about the formulation of algorithms and their interpretation for coming up with effective results for their research topic. In other words, statistical analysis is the core attribute for writing data mining research papers. There are several steps that students have to follow for writing a here they are:

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The impact of Dr. Han's work is well illustrated by his paper on mining frequent patterns without candidate generation. Unlike earlier approaches that first generated candidates and then counted their support, this radically different approach essentially merged candidate generation and counting. This is done using a novel database structure, the FP-tree, which condenses the set of transactions into a form that is more compact than the original representation and amenable to a new depth-first pattern search method called FP-Growth. FP-tree based approaches are among the leading state of the art techniques for frequent itemset mining, and the concepts have also proven useful for other patterns (sequences, episodes) and pattern types (maximal, closed).
He has published more than 100 research papers on data mining in leading database and data mining conferences and journals, such as SIGMOD, VLDB, KDD, ICDE, EDBT, TKDE, and TOIS. His contribution can be seen in almost every area of the field.
Because of his many seminal contributions, Dr. Han is a very highly cited author, with over 3,000 citations, according to Citeseer. This clearly indicates the quality of his work, his influence in the field, and his contributions to many topics of data mining.
Jiawei not only is dedicated to pure research, but also industrial applications, benchmarking and products. He was the founder and chief architect of DBMiner, one of the first generation data mining products. He also actively led several projects on industrial applications of data mining techniques, which showcase the value and potential of the data mining technology.