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Breast cancer research papers: lowering the risk

Telling how to lower risk factors and thus prevent breast cancer seems to be really important. In your research paper on breast cancer, you can give several tips on how to make a breast self-exam. Do not forget to mention annual mammograms as one of the most effective ways to prevent breast cancer.

Breast cancer research papers: talking about daily problems

Sure, women who are diagnosed breast cancer continue to live their everyday lives, but this diagnose changes something for sure. In your research paper on breast cancer, mention the following problems: paying treatment costs, managing pain and fatigue, having intimate relations, etc.

Breast cancer research papers: treatment and side effects

Tell about such common ways to cure breast cancer as chemotherapy, radiation therapy, hormonal therapy, surgery, and some others. Describe side effects of each treatment.
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Sample Research Paper on Breast Cancer on Essay & Term Papers

These are just a few facts that you may include into a research paper on breast cancer. These facts also mean that although breast cancer is one of the main reasons for women’s death, it can be cured and prevented.

This is why we advise you to focus on myths and real facts about the disease when writing your breast cancer research paper.

If you think it is not enough for good research papers on breast cancer, include the following information.

Breast cancer research papers: risk factors

Discuss the following factors that increase the chances of having breast cancer: