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If you are going to write a research paper on autism, the main thing here will be research

The first IACC meeting I attended was in November 2003. For me this was also an emotional visit to NIMH, source of funding for my graduate education, dissertation, and post-doctoral research. I am sorry I did not push harder for funding for research on auditory and language dysfunction in autism. I returned to my previous career in software engineering. I continued to read research papers on autism, the auditory system, and language, as well as computer systems design. I submitted papers for publication, which mostly had to be resubmitted as brief letters-to-the-editor. I wish I had John Elder Robison's genius for drawing attention to his view of autism.

Writing Research Papers On Autism: Prompts For Beginners

Research papers on autism: hints for beginners

Autism is a condition which has ruined numerous lives. Researches have been conducted on the causes and cure for the same but there has not been much progress in the field so far. Research papers on autism are written by students from the perspective of various subjects. An effective autism research paper can be prepared only if the student is clear about the objective of the assignment as there are so many angles from which the topic can be approached.