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So although 50% of research papers in psychology receive up to 12 citations within about 5-10 years following publication, the modal (or most typical) research paper receives a meager 2 citations. Notably, this does not exclude instances of self-citation, where an author cites his or her own work.

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Written requirements. This field can be divided into four general output, laboratory reports, essays, case studies, and quantitative research. Laboratory reports are written output from experiments performed by Psychology classes within controlled environments. These reports typically have a strict structure and require extensive technical writing knowledge and practical ability. Essay requirements in Psychology often ask students to critique scientific literature on particular topics. Being able to critique effectively often necessitates not just knowledge based on class discussions, but a deep understanding of psychological theories and the assimilation of input from a wide range of readings outside of the content available in textbooks and PowerPoint lectures. Requiring the submission of case studies is also a common practice in core Psychology subjects. Conducting case studies require enormous time and effort on the part of the student, as well as a sufficient amount of talent in synthesizing materials taken from period interviews with the subject. While many students manage to collect and compile information from case studies, only some are able to effectively use the information to draw useful inferences and the subject’s condition. In these projects, reliance on lecture notes often proves highly insufficient. Lastly, quantitative research papers in Psychology are written output that necessitate the execution of statistical data gathering and analysis. These projects are often less tedious to accomplish than case studies, but require that the student have solid mathematical and technological foundations, including knowledge in the operation of electronic spreadsheets such as MS Excel or statistical software such as SPSS or Stata which are essential for facilitating data analysis.