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With more universities, schools and colleges asking students to do research work on their own, there is an increase in the quantum of writing a student needs to do. A couple of years ago, there was more emphasis on the teaching done in schools and colleges. Today, the tables seem to have turned in the direction of the student. Most of the time, students are asked to prepare research papers, dissertations and presentations to showcase their understanding of the lessons taught. Using and practicing on a research paper outline worksheet is probably the best way to practice the skill of outline-making, which in turn leads to good research paper writing.

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A research paper is composed of a main page, abstract, introduction, body of research, bibliography and conclusion. These are the main components of any research, which are combined to make a new master piece. Writing a research paper worksheet will lay down some points which will help students organize their research properly. For this you should know the basic and essential steps required to conduct a research. A worksheet will be followed by a student to approve or disapprove his hypothesis. It is to prepare the activities in an orderly manner.