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List of Illustrations, this page is used to mention the illustrations included in your business report. When it includes only figures, title the page "List of Figures" or if it includes only tables then mention, "List of Tables". Original and customized essays at a mla Research Paper Example With Footnotes fair price! The difference is in our best custom writing assignments. We don't have a library of papers we sell, nor do we apply a one-size-fits-all treatment of our clients. Successful Past BHS mla Research Paper Example With Footnotes Persuasive Essays:. A college education should be free. And/or penalties should be applied to child molestation and child abuse? 9 The invention of writing was not a one-time event, but a gradual process initiated by the appearance of symbols, possibly first for cultic purposes. Canadian researchers from the University of Victoria suggest that symbolism was used by cave painters of the Neolithic Age.

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