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The first source of research paper topic ideas should always come from your academic faculty. Usually the head of your course will provide a list of research paper topics and you will be required to pick one which you are interested in.

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Where do you look? Your starting point should always be the research paper topic idea given by your tutor. Within the restrictions set by your tutor specific ideas can be taken from any source. Current affairs and the real world often present a different perspective - particularly in humanities subjects.

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Opinion research paper topics and ideas These papers may also contain some controversy or argument

Take time and look at some successful research paper topics that have crept up in the past. After all, popular research paper topics are popular for a reason. Topics for a research paper can easily be gleaned from popular source material. People like the familiar, but they also like the new and interesting – so give them a little of both when you’re developing your research paper topic ideas! You’ll find that just reading some of these research papers with set your brain in motion and get you ready to craft topics for research papers of your own.

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