"Academic Research Paper on the Film “Citizen Kane.""

A discusses a selected topic in a highly detailed, highly informed way. Research paper theses require the strongest research that a student has ever conducted; they are the culmination of a college career of learning to conduct research, to determine the value of research sources, and to synthesize that information in writing.

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One more important thing to remember: thesis statement can always be modified. At the beginning of the research paper writing, new facts can come into light or the attitude towards the subject may be changed. It is okay to go back and reconsider the thesis statement so that the final version fits the research paper the best.

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A research paper thesis statement is one of the key elements to a good research paper

Your research paper thesis is the topic you will investigate. These words are not synonymous, as a thesis implies a broader description of problems and issues studied in the research paper. Pay particular attention to this stage of research paper writing, because if you start out wrong you are unlikely to get positive end results. That’s why the first and the most important step is to write a research paper thesis and outline before you actually start working on your research paper.

A research paper thesis is the one thing that every paper must have. If there is no thesis, then there is no point in having a paper because the thesis is, essentially, the reason for writing the paper. Even you have never heard the term thesis statement before, you have written one if you have ever written anything in the English language. The thesis is somewhat simple, as it is a statement about what you is attempting to say. It is amazing, however, how many students have problems with this portion of writing. Many times, this occurs because the student over thinks things and ends up attempting to do too much.Some of these research project options include, but clearly are not limited to: campaign or case study evaluations with written analysis; website criticism and written analysis paper; criticism of video programs with written research analysis paper; development of a website or websites with accompanying justification and analysis paper; comprehensive reviews of literature on communication issues, events, or topics done as a research paper; historiographies analysis and/or criticism of communication events and issues and accompanying reviews and analyses as a research paper; video and/or audio productions with accompanying justification or analysis research paper; development of an advertising, marketing, or PR campaign presented as a detailed research paper; a survey project with a written research paper offering data analysis and interpretation; and many, many others.

Note: For the General Communication M.A., Theatre productions and performances are welcome when combined witha research paper or thesis. Graduate students can conduct multiple creative activities to satisfythis requirement when accompanied by a written paper based in Theatre theory, criticism and/orhistory. Theatre history and critical studies are also welcome to satisfy this research requirement.