Research Paper Writing Techniques

.5 credit
5 meetings per week
Grades 11-12
PREREQUISITE: Teacher recommendation or having earned at least a C in American Literature or Studies 39 or having earned a B or better grade in Elements of Composition 37 or A or better in Elements of Composition 35.
COURSE DESCRIPTION: This accelerated course prepares students for college writing. Critical essays are developed by fact, reason and example. Research paper techniques and the purpose of research are discussed. Students learn and apply common structures for compare-and-contrast essays, cause-and-effect essays, definition essays and argumentation. They take a leadership role in peer editing. This course is meant for students who have already mastered the content of “Elements of Composition.” Seniors meet requirements for the English Language Arts portfolio with satisfactory completion of the research paper and a college or job application essay or letter.

Proper Research Paper Writing Techniques - Perfect Term Papers

This systematic survey of American literature, authors, and literary movements is enriched by the presentation of speeches, reading, a study of vocabulary words, and composition, including essays and research paper techniques with an eye toward college papers that stress logic and rhetoric. Students will be required to complete a book report and research paper. One year.

All major textbooks have research paper techniques

Research paper techniques and the purpose of research are discussed