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We do not mean to make you feel nervous right from the start, but still have to warn you that completing research papers on software engineering might be really tricky. There is a number of reasons for that, and the final grade on your research paper in software engineering, actually, does not necessarily depend on your knowledge and experience.

One of the main reasons why preparing research papers in software engineering may be challenging is that the field of software engineering does not have well-established and precise research paradigms. Researchers in this field deal with different problems and obtain different kinds of results. Before getting down to work on your project, you may flick through software related research paper examples and try to figure out some common research concepts, paradigms that you can use for own research.

When working on your research paper in software engineering, you should keep in mind your major mission. By the way, do you know what it is? When writing the research paper on software engineering, your main aim is to investigate something better or research new ways of developing and evaluating software.

What are these important questions one should answer when writing research papers in software engineering that we have mentioned in the title? These questions refer to the results of your work and your contribution. Results of your work on the research paper in software engineering should be new and useful, and may vary from new procedures and techniques up to empirical models and specific solutions.

Here are several questions you should ask yourself about results and contribution of your research paper in software engineering:

Writing a research paper on software engineering is not that easy

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