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Here are few general recommendations on how to write a good research paper review.

The computer science research paper review process is largely human and time-intensive. More worrisome, review processes are frequently questioned, and often non-transparent. This work advocates applying computer science methods and tools to the computer science review process. As an initial exploration, we data mine the submissions, bids, reviews, and decisions from a recent top-tier computer networking conference. We empirically test several common hypotheses, including the existence of readability, citation, call-for-paper adherence, and topical bias. From our findings, we hypothesize review process methods to improve fairness, efficiency, and transparency.

Research Paper Review: A Step by Step Guide to Writing

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A research paper review is a short summary of a particular research paper which provides a clear and concise description of the most relevant findings of the paper. Reviews generally simplify searching required materials for the future readers. Obviously, it is easier for a researcher to skim through a dozen paper reviews and select the most relevant readings for his or her research than to spend a lot of time carefully going through all papers.