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This is also a great place to seek out some help. Sites that are dedicated to doing papers for students and charging for them have examples of every type of work that they do - including research paper prospectuses.

Research Paper Prospectus (one paragraph) Due February 27.

Prospectus exist in different forms, their formats are somehow dependent of the purpose they intend to serve. In the fields of humanities, Ph.D. candidates are required to submit Research Paper prospectuses to their corresponding committees; most research committees grant students applications require them; educational work candidates often comprise short prospectuses with their request materials and tools; and also book publishers demand them as part of the procedure of allowing for a document for publication.

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Research paper prospectus due.

Before you go on the search to find examples of research paper prospectuses, you need to fully understand exactly what one is. If you do not understand what they are, how can you be expected to know if the examples that you find are good? The simple answer is that you can't! You need to be familiar with the style so that you can judge what it is that meets the requirements asked for by your professor.

Research Wikis (300 Points) Research plan post (10 points) due: Thursday 3/31/11 on blog Research paper prospectus (40 points) due: 4/5/11 and 4/7/11 in conferences Rough draft (50 points) due: Thursday, 4/14/11, in class for peer review session Final draft (200 points) due: Tuesday, 4/26/11 in class (turn in all drafts, research plan, prospectus […]