Research paper powerpoint presentation for public viewing

Making a presentation out of a research paper is likely to be difficult, since it requires heavy restructuring due to its small size, compared to the paper itself. While your paper may be well-balanced and weighed out to convey the full extent of your research work to the reader, a presentation should be much shorter, yet contain all the essential points of your work. The APA standards do not really contain any format guidelines for presentations, but they can still be of help as a reference, since the presentation is very likely to contain elements of a paper, which fall under the same rules of formatting. For example, some number of direct and indirect citations is possible to be needed for your presentation. Also, the APA helps with the tips on how to avoid cases of plagiarism with images, data, ideas and videos. Here are some advice on how to write a research paper presentation using APA format:

While preparing a research paper presentation there are some points that should be considered...

They say nothing is possible without proper preparations. Even great generals spent sleepless nights thinking over their army’s disposition. You are certainly not a general. Still, you should understand – a research paper presentation will not be a success unless you plan it beforehand.

Research paper powerpoint presentation for public viewing 1

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