Effective Papers: Research Paper on Women's Rights

Professor Tom Baum, ahead of the inaugural ‘’ conference, and , looks at the findings from his research paper on women in tourism and hospitality…

Effective Papers: Research Paper on Women

MIW alum Ghada Alkiek (Fall 2011 Cohort) was selected as the commencement speaker for the December 16 ceremony at the University of Michigan Flint Campus. Her internship was at the Women's National Democratic Club, and she did a research paper on Women in Lobbying.

Research Paper on Women and Politics in the United States

Consultant, to prepare a research paper on Women's Access to Land as Owners and

I am writing a research paper on women and industrialization. There are conflicting ideas of how industrialization impacted women. Some sources say that more women were confined to the "domestic sphere" while their husbands left home and worked in the "public sphere," while other sources say the industrial revolution was a catalyst for women entering the workforce. Which one is it? Thanks!