a research paper on the death penalty

A consensus-based decision making process takes much of the control out of the teacher’s hands and puts it with the entire group. Granted, it is easier to get things done with a dictator, but dictators have a way of making things go horribly, horribly wrong for at least some of the people involved (usually the people who do not know how to navigate the socio-political hierarchy).
With that being said, there are a few approaches that may help with an anarchist pedagogy within academia. For example, Luis A. Fernandez in “Being There” argues that academics (and I would add students) need to be in the conflict to truly understand its impact. He states, “We, as scholars, anarchists, and thinkers need to seek out and cherish these kinds of experiences. They teach us many things, including our own subjectivity and mortality, and the limits of our understanding. And these experiences only come from being there, by placing ourselves within and among the lives of those who suffer, by running risks and, if only momentarily, by placing our privilege into sharp focus” (94). For example, this might mean including more service learning in a classroom, going on educational excursions, or communicating with those who are involved. Instead of having a student write a research paper on the death penalty, perhaps they should meet or interview (over the phone) a death row inmate. If a student is writing a paper on social mobility, perhaps they should have to volunteer at a soup kitchen and meet the people serviced by such a venture.

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