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If you are writing a research paper on religion there are only a handful of topics that you need to be careful with. In general you must approach religious research paper topics with care so as not to offend the reader or the general community. Inserting personal beliefs is of course a terrible idea and not conducive to a research paper.

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But in this town, not being anything is a real problem—a very practical social problem: Should Margaret join the Y or the Jewish Community Center? Every kid in town belongs to one or the other. Now, this may not sound like a profound identity problem to many adults, but to a twelve-year-old girl it is a dilemma of existential proportions. With this pressure to make a choice, Margaret decides to do her school research paper on religion.

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I remember writing a research paper on religion in school. At first I found it hard to avoid making emotional decisions, even choosing the initial topic was tough. One of my tutors told me it is better to focus on something that is quite far away from what I believe, which really helped.