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Music plays a very important role in our life. It is helpful when we are tired and want to have a good rest; it inspires artists to create their masterpieces, so it makes our life emotional and colourful. Music has existed and developed with the development of the human beings. At first music was a bunch of the rhythmical primitive sounds, which helped people organize their work effectively. Later music developed further and new musical instruments appeared. The golden age of music is associated with the classical music and world famous composers, like Bach, Mozart, Chopin and others. In the XXth century new genres of music appeared and music has mostly become commercial and widespread (centuries ago only privileged people could afford themselves to listen to professional orchestral music). Today everybody can learn to play any musical instrument, because the quality of education has become higher and you can focus your attention to the investigation of this topic and present a research paper on music education. Being business music has become associated with a range on negative things including violence, alcohol, drugs and piracy. The latter is the most stressing problem for modern musicians and it can be described in the research paper on music piracy.

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Students who have decided to present the role of music in human life and prepare a good research paper on music should devote much time to the investigation of the topic, because it is really vast. It is not wise to research the question of music from all sides, because one can spend the whole life but will not complete the paper properly. It is required to limit the scope of research and focus attention to some limited aspects and points connected with music. Students often have problems with broad topics and need extra help to narrow them. The most common assistant of most students is the Internet with its free examples of research papers on music which give young people the idea of correct essay writing.

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If when you get to high school or college and you are writing a research paper on a music topic, it might well lead to your advantage if you have had a solid music education to that stage. If you've got a background in a particular aspect of music, take advantage of that background and choose a topic which is related to your expertise.