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In order to come up with a proper plan for the gay marriage research paper writing, students should make an outline referring to the facts related to gay marriage. Creating an outline will help them to come up with a good research paper on gay marriage. Here is a sample outline for the guidance of students in their gay marriage research paper writing:

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If your instructor assigns you to write a research paper on marriage, you must know the basic elements of developing a research paper as well as the possible errors to avoid. If you are unfamiliar with the topic of marriage as a social institution, it is good to do preliminary research so that you can get a feel of what issues or problems are related to it. The first step is to select a topic that is neither too broad or too narrow. If you write a research paper on marriage itself, that is too broad. You have to identify a specific area or problem related to marriage that you can manage to discuss in 10-20 pages or depending on the length specified by the teacher. For instance, you can discuss the issue of cohabitation as an acceptable arrangement that is considered a more viable option for marriage. You can also investigate whether a claim that homosexual marriages are detrimental to the psychosocial well-being of a child has evidence.

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