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Which research paper are you more likely to read: a research paper on 17th century farming, or a research paper on marijuana legalization? Odds are, you’d choose the paper that’s more relevant to your life and your interests. Research paper writers should consider the same thing. You’re paper will get a lot more following if it addresses something important to the audience at hand.

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A research paper on marijuana can never be an easy task. It has always been an issue of much debate. You can find millions of discussions and tons of writings on this subject. That is why, it is not a good idea to pick Marijuana a topic for your research paper and it would be the last topic to attract any of the teachers as is the case with diabetes research paper. However, if you are assigned to write a marijuana research paper , you can do it by following simple instructions given in this article.

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Medical research journals are generally more accurate than articles and propaganda. I wrote a seven-page research paper on marijuana, and no, it's really not that bad for you. Yes, it may be bad for your lungs and could *possibly* cause someone who is already at risk for a mental disorder to develop one, but it is not physically addictive, can prevent head and neck cancers, and eases the side effects of chemo, AIDs, and even autism. There are much worse things that people could be doing. Get your facts straight before typing, babyboos