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This seminar explores the nature of legal order within Native American communities. Conventional courses in Indian Law typically focus on the law of the United States with regard to Indians and leave ‘Indian' Indian law as a largely unexplored residual. This is perverse, since an important element of all Indian law involves tribal sovereignty and Indian self determination, and therefore the internal law of Indian communities. Accordingly, this seminar turns the usual approach on its head, examining the nature and variety of legal ordering in native communities and treating federal Indian law to the extent necessary to understand its effects on modern native societies. The seminar begins with some historical examples of native law and then turns to contemporary ones. It focuses particularly on the ways in which native legal orders are distinct from European ones and also examines the interaction of native orders with European ones. Each student will (1) take responsibility for leading discussions of readings during the semester and (2) develop a research paper on law in a Native community and present it to the seminar. A prior course in Indian law or history is desirable, but not required. The course will include students from both Law and Native American Studies.

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American University Law Review, 2015, mark W. Bennett, u.S. District Court (Northern District of Iowa) Date Posted: March 22, 2015, accepted Paper Series 4 downloads, the Pre-Cautionary Culture: Interpassivity and Radical Prevention in the Making of Canada's Remand Crisis. Introduction to Saint Louis Public Law research Paper On Criminal Law Review Jury Issue St. Louis University Public Law Review, Vol. 21, No. 3, 2002 Stephen C. Thaman Saint Louis University - School of Law Date Posted: March 07, 2015 Accepted Paper Series 2 downloads Questions of Fact and Law in Russian Jury Trials: The Practice of the Cassational Courts. 31, No. 61, 1995 Stephen C. Thaman Saint Louis University - School of Law Date Posted: March 05, 2015 Accepted Paper Series 3 downloads Policymaking by the Japanese Judiciary in the Criminal Justice Field Hshakaigaku Journal of the Japanese Association for Sociology of Law, Vol. Date Posted: March 22, 2015, working Paper Series 2 downloads, the Role of the Preliminary Ruling in the Criminal Proceedings (Prejudicini Sprendim Vaidmuo Baudiamajame Procese Summary Gabriel Juodkait-Granskien al., eds. Baudiamasis procesas: teisingumo garantas ar klitis?

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