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Just before those articles were published, we received a from the American Academy of Neurology about an abstract of a research paper on football helmets slated for presentation to the AAN Annual Meeting in Philadelphia in late April 2014. The press release said that, using crash test dummies, researchers in Florida had found that football helmets do "very little" to protect kids against the rotational forces that cause concussion, and quoted the co-lead author, Dr. Frank Conidi, director of the Florida Center for Headache and Sports Neurology and Assistant Clinical Professor of Neurology at Florida State University College of Medicine, as saying that the study dispelled the assumption of "generations of football and other sports participants" that their brains are protected by their investment" in football helmets.

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Various sports topics are frequently discussed in students’ academic papers. Writing about football, baseball, hockey or basketball is not something that can surprise students. Discussing such issues can be really fascinating, since a lot of students are involved into different kinds of sports. It means that they do not lack ideas for their papers.

However, it can be a problem for those who are not engaged into sports. Anyway, this article is designed for everyone who has to write a research paper on football.

Let us try to guess what your tutor expects from a research paper on football. Rules or football kicks are behind his/her expectations. Look through our suggestions. Maybe, something will perfectly fit your research paper on football.
Football and its effects on society

It is not a secret that football is a favorite game of millions of people. Try to think about the ways it influences people’s minds or people’s attitude towards health and healthy way of life in your research paper on football.

Effects of commercialization on football

The phenomenon of commercialization is a brilliant topic for research papers on football. On the one hand, it makes players do their best; it gives a chance to talented players. On the other hand, very often players are looking for the highest bidder, and this seems to be disloyal towards their national teams or clubs. So, think about all advantages and disadvantages of commercialization in your research papers on football.

Media coverage of the football events

Again, this is a rather controversial topic for research papers on football. Media allows people all over the world watch football matches. However, media coverage endangers the lives of players and their families greatly, since there are a lot of ill-wishers around. Give your standpoint on the matter in your research paper on football.

We are sure that these ideas will help you create an unusual research paper on football.

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Let's check out a history research paper on football

Qualitative Research paper on Football Culture

Let’s check out a history research paper on football. Now, a commendable way would be to analyze the development of the game through the passages of World Cups. You can cut out the first three World Cups by virtue of them being played before the 2nd World War. The world certainly changed drastically post that War.