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After choosing a right topic for your research paper, it would be better to write a thesis statement. You can mange your research paper on death penalty by drafting an outline. It is true that a good outline is necessary for a good and logical research paper. You should start your research paper by briefly introducing your topic. Introduction must be followed by the main body of your death penalty research paper, in which you should elaborate all points given in the outline. You can provide data to support your arguments. You should conclude your research paper by summing up your arguments in persuasive style as should be the case with a.

Example research paper on Death penalty

Every now and then you might find yourself tasked with having to complete a writing assignment on a difficult or controversial subject. One of the challenges is that it’s difficult to form ideas and thoughts in ways that don’t come off as too personal but instead remains purely academic. Writing a research paper on the death penalty is one of these subjects that can be hard to tackle. If you find yourself in this situation you may want to try these four effective approaches to creating a great research paper that stays strictly academic and earns you a top grade:

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Research paper on death penalty - where to start?

Well, if we are talking about personal point of view on a topic when writing a research paper on death penalty, we do not have many options. You can either support it or express a negative attitude. There is no third option here. If you want to express personal viewpoint try not to be emotional, although this is very difficult since you will talk about people who deliberately killed their fellow citizens whose only fault was that they appeared in the wrong place at the wrong time. If you express own viewpoint you cannot just say “I oppose death penalty because it is wrong.” Study death penalty cases, look for information on mistrials that lead to death penalty sentences to innocent people. Use information obtained from religious books. Quote famous public figures. Refer to experience of other countries that have abolished death penalty. If you support the idea of a death penalty, you still have to give your reasons. Refer to concepts of justice, fair sentences and punishments for violent crimes etc. Try to make readers imagine that this problem concern them directly. It is OK to talk about death penalty if it does not concern you or your family.