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50 – 4 x 6 inch index cards (for research paper notecards in the spring); One box of tissues

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Organizing research: creating note cards

Term papers students absenteeism. Research paper notecards template American academic essay. Essay research paper format!

The research paper notecard system is an old and proven way to collect and store information that later will be used for writing a research paper. In a few words, a research paper notecard can be defined as a card that contains your notes on a certain source, its author, all necessary reference information, and your comments.

In the process of researching a topic and collecting materials, you may end up in rather a big number of research paper notecards. Some of them you will use to prepare your paper, others might be less useful.

If you are not experienced in making research paper notecards, let us explain you some rules.

Always have a new pack of research paper notecards

For every paper you write, make new, lined, and big in size notecards. The size of your cards really matters, since you are going to make comments. Everything should be written clearly and include all details you need.

One research paper notecard – one idea

Do not try to save on your cards and include more than one idea on a research paper card.

Stick to research paper notecard format

Sure, there are no specific formatting rules. However, you still should know and stick to the rules of what should be included into a research paper notecard: