Review of research paper methods

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Another research paper methodology involves interviews. This can simply be taken to mean a discussion with a particular purpose in mind. In most cases, a face to face interview of your subject is the best way through which you can obtain vital information from your subject. However, a good interview will require a lot of planning and even persistence. Keep in mind that you may also need permission to interview your subject and there may be limitations as to the type of questions you might be required to ask. When you set up an interview, remember to ask open questions. Ask questions in which your subject would be obliged to open up. Avoid leading questions.

Research Paper Methods Section Example

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While your entire research paper is very important, one of the most crucial parts to get right is the methods section. This is the case because if your methods are unreliable or poorly documented, your entire study loses its credibility. And so do you as a scholar. Consequently, you really need to ensure that this section of your research paper is up to scratch. So, have a look at this simple guide to help you compose your research paper methods section correctly.