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If you think that preparing a good research paper in Mathematics is going to be difficult, we have good news for you.

Actually, Mathematics research papers have nothing to do with solving problems, using some complicated formulas, or making calculations. What you will have to do is an ordinary research paper devoted to some Maths-related topic.

And if a Maths-related topic is what you are stuck with, we are ready to help you. Before we offer a couple of topics for your research paper in Mathematics, let us give you several pieces of advice.

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So, what about topics for research papers in Mathematics? In fact, there is a great variety of issues to choose from, starting from some famous mathematicians to the origins of particular numbers, theories, etc.

Here are a couple of topic examples for your research paper in Mathematics.

Sir Isaac Newton and his contributions to Mathematics

Newton was one of the very important and influential figures in Mathematics. These are several Newton’s findings that you can mention in your research paper in Mathematics: